There’s an ant on me laptop, what am I gonna do?

Dear mom and all you guys,

Today Thijs and I arrived on Mauritius.

On board two mighty 777-300’s (which were both almost full with 400 people) we were first flown to Dubai where we had a three-hour break to eat some Häagen-Dazs ice-cream, try hundreds of designer sunglasses and walk around the biggest shopping mall we ever saw! Took us 15 minutes to walk from one end to the other. And we are very sorry to tell you: prices were higher than in Holland, except for the gold, maybe.

The thing we loved most about the flight was the Emirates in-flight entertainment system with hundreds of movies, all the music you can think of (even opera) and games. Thijs thinks he is the Battleship-king because he sank my ships time after time, but I’ll have my revanche on the way back to Holland. Kept us busy and from getting any sleep whatsoever. Thijs is taking a nap as I type. Even nicer than the games were the camera’s mounted on the aircraft, one pointing forward and one down. Gave us a pilot’s eye view of the landing and take-off on the screen in the seat in front of us, very cool.

This morning at 9.30 we arrived at Sir Seewoosagur Rangoolam (haha) International Airport, were we will also start our work next week. It’s a small but luxurious airport, and we already noticed that the people were very kind but quite formal. We were and are very afraid of working in a suit, seems like we might need to wear a tie because almost everyone at the airport did.

Mr. Sarif (landlord) picked us up at the airport in his Mitsubishi 4×4 to take us on a 10-minute, left-hand traffic drive to Blue-Bay, where our light yellow-ish house (see picture) is situated, on the corner of Rue des Daurades and Rue des Pailles en Queues. Our crib is waaaaay too big for the two of us (we have a bathroom each, which is even above our standards :P ). But in March, our two roommates will arrive. Sarif also showed us where to buy food and how to take the bus to the shopping mall.

First thing we did today is going for a swim at Blue-Bay beach (see Blue-Bay map, the blue marker indicates the location of our house). Unfortunately, it was raining when we arrived. No biggy, because the water matched the outside temperature, which is around 30˚C. We also did a little snorkelling, and Thijs made a fish guarding its eggs very angry when he came too close.

The house is in perfectly good order except for the wireless Internet. The only place where we are in reach of the WiFi-antenna is just outside our back door, and that is where I am currently writing this blooooog, while enjoying an award-winning local Phoenix beer. Oh, and the neighbour is playing loud Indian music, which completes this whole picture.

Until next time! Hope you are all doing well!



5 thoughts on “There’s an ant on me laptop, what am I gonna do?

  1. Wow Bas and Thijs!

    So you had a nice trip with Emirates and the landloard showed you around and you have a big house! Sounds great!
    Do you have a pool:D? And how are the prices?

    Good luck and have fun!

    xx Valery

  2. Hoi Bas,
    Mooi uitgebreid verslag, het klinkt allemaal super !
    Morgen zou ik graag een foto van het strand willen zien als het kan.
    Schijnt de zon ook? Of regent het alleen maar?
    En zitten jullie ver van het stadje af?
    En is er ook een tuin en hangen de hangmatten al?
    En hoe zit het met de muggen?

    Hier missen jullie niets – er is alleen maar sneeuw.

    Groetjes, ook aan Thijs,

  3. He!
    Klinkt goed allemaal en mooi dat de reis goed is gegaan! Leuk van die camera’s dat je de landing enzo kon volgen! (Helaas zal mijn Air Mauritius vlucht dat niet hebben, gok ik zo….) Ik ga jullie volgen tot de tijd dat ik ook arriveer :). Have fun alvast!


  4. Yo Bas
    Wat is er met de laatste post gebeurd? Al die foto’s zien er in ieder geval niet verkeerd uit broh. Qua attire zou je misschien wat bermuda’s uit bermuda kunnen laten overkomen?
    jo de manne

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