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Dear readers,

How are you? Before I start typing my blog (idiot thing to say, since i already started) I wanted to present you my dilemma for writing this blog. I could either discuss and elaborate about our working experience here, or I could talk about our opinion about the country. Both things are dangerous to talk about, talking about work, might bore you because all of the technical terms etc and our opinion about the country might be too early, and we have to change it big time. That is not what we want do we? So while typing this, I came up with a compromise (typical dutch i guess). I’ll tell about our first impression, and a bit about the company and our job. I’ll start with the company.

The company we work for is called Equity Aviation, 4 years ago it was called servisair, and it was taken over by the big south african company equity, which is specialized in handling aircraft in Africa. The company is really young with the eldest being around 42 and the rest more or less the age of us. The job we do right now is called dispatcher. For the moment we will do this full time in shifts (yes people, we actually work and for 48 hours a week!) and in a month or so we will also start with our assignment at the maintenance. But about dispatcher, dispatcher is responsible for all operations around an aircraft, luggage, passengers, cargo, landing, parking. He or she is the all seeing eye of the operation. Communicating with the crew of the airplane, with the authorities etc. With this job we really learn a lot and we tend to do it for a long time (6 months)! The current idea for the maintenance assignment is that we launch the maintenance division parallel to the actual launch, so Equity can see if they forgot anything, or we might have a better idea. If this concept really is gonna happen we have to wait, today we were supposed to have a meeting, but it was cancelled.

Now about our first impression: Happy. All the people we see and work with, are happy. We almost never see or hear a whining person or an unhappy person. It looks like they come for work to be happy and to have a lot of fun. Also on the streets the people are smiling to you. And the country is beautiful. You can drives for miles and miles thru the sugar cane fields and just see green green and green. it is wonderful!

Last few days there were some worries about a tropical storm (cyclone) coming this way, but eventually it passed us for more or less 70 km south, so we only got the rain of it. Rain is rain, a lot of it! Rain also means: wobbly electricity, no water pressure, a lot of mosquitos (luckily i have a mosquito net, but right at this moment i am eaten alive by the animals, see what i am sacrificing for you guys) and huge humidity. But we love it. If the sun shines, temperatures can rise quite soon to around 32 degrees, which is hot but we are used to it by now.

Well, for now this is all i could think of to write. The pictures will be uploaded tomorrow (Tuesday 23rd of Feb) because we have a bit faster internet at the airport.

Please leave your comments, we love to see and read your comments. We might have not the time to reply everytime, but sure as hell we read them.

And about the title ;) It is just a title with interest for everyone.

Alé bye bye


2 thoughts on “beer sex bags skirts shopping dogs safari shoes planes

  1. T et S hadden het slechter kunnen treffen.. Wat ik nog mis is zijn cocospalmen op een maagdelijk wit strand onder een strakblauwe lucht aan een smaragdgroene baai. Ik vermoed dat dat nog gaat komen. Vergeet die hangmat niet!

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