Adieu mes amis

Good evening,

This blog is to say goodbye to the friends that follow us (actually me, since Bas still refuses to write). And also to say goodbye to our dearly beloved Harry and Clive.

Tonight, in a few hours, I’ll leave this beautiful island for 2 weeks to go to Turkey. Some holiday…

I hope for you, and for the sake of this blog aswel, that Bas is ready to create some new blogs in the mean time. He should have enough time…

Then from here on the sad message starts :(

Our safety guards from the kitchen, the right honorable sir Harry and sir Clive, have died. The exact cause is unknown, but several reports indicate they were K.I.A. During heavy fights and enemy contact, they were killed due to chemical warfare. They were not the only victims of this supposed genocide. The entire ant-high way and other allies of Sir Harry and Sir Clive were washed away by this brutal act against instectumanity.

Because of the state in which Sir Clive and Sir Harry were in when we found them, no pictures of them are attached.

With careful research and reconstruction of the then known circumstances we hope to identify the responsible(s). Once identified they will find a proper punishment.

Chief of this investigation on side will be Bas Maas, and supervisor from big distance will be me, Matthijs Koreman. Any inquiries concerning this investigation, please contact mr. Maas.

Now my taxi is leaving in less then an hour, so i am rounding up this blog. See you in the future!

May they rest in peace.


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