I am sorry, really I am! I am sorry for not posting a blog for a longer time. After so many of our true followers and all commenters were complaining that there was no real post since long time, I am taking right now the effort to create one.

Ok, now lets be honest. No one, not a singular living human being requested a new post. No living form on earth thought that it would be fun for a new one. How come? Let me think about it. One reason might be jealousy, given the fact that this blog is written from a tropical island somewhere in the Indian Ocean, it might create some feelings of

“ahh they are only doing gratis scenti there and doing nothing but laying on the beautiful white sand beach with really clear blue sea water”

This, for the fact is absolutely true. We do sit a lot on the beach, we do drink a lot seven seas, we do swim in really clear blue water and we do have 1 day a week off. Which is good!

Then perhaps the next reason. No one cares?

Not true.

No one is interested?

Not true.

So what is it then? I absolutely do not know. But hell (or heaven), lets start!

We had some few good weeks, with more discovering of the islands and the nearby islands. We went to Ile aux Cerfs, it is an island in front of the east coast of Mauritius. The west side of the coast is used as a golf course, and the east side is used for relaxed mauritian style barbecuing. We had several visitors which were eager to join, Percy the Sea Urchin, Moony the sea star and Wilhelm the golf player. Only Percy and Moony were allowed.

After the Island, working started again. Now for both everything is sorted out, and we both are now at the stage of drawing up final documents. If you are interested in what we do, you can contact us via our own pages on top of this post. Bas Maas for Bas and Matthijs Koreman for Me (Matthijs).

Last saturday, we went out. Going out without alcohol is wonderful, several advantages are attached to it! You are sober, so not drunk, no hangover, you know exactly what you are doing and you can remember! Remembering what you did is good, is wonderful and a recommendation! So here is what we did, we danced. We danced, danced, danced danced and danced. A lot!

Now our house is in preparation for our parents, we are trying to make it more dirty, more disgusting and we are also trying to wear our underwear’s for more then 4 days in a row, don’t do laundry and don’t brush our teeth. We figured that since our mums didn’t had to take care for us for 3 months, they might be in need for giving some care. So we are not the baddest, and we created some work for them. Bas his parents are arriving coming Saturday the 15th and mine are arriving May 22nd. We are looking forward to it, looking forward to show them what we are doing, how we live here, what we see and eat, with what kind of wonderful people we are going out with and we want to show them this wonderful country and island. Lot of things to do.

Now our adventure for cooking starts again, we are in desperate need for some inspiration, our last call for inspiration gave us (let me count well) 0 comments.

We also got the request of Bas is father to explain about the famous Mauritian rum. It is unexplainable, I suggest you come here around Saturday 15 May :)

alé by!


One thought on “Sorry!

  1. Ik geloof dat jullie begeleiding nodig zullen hebben als jullie ooit nog terugkomen. Misschien dat twee weken papa en mama zullen helpen, maar ik weet niet, daarna hebben jullie nog even te gaan.. We zullen ouderberaad plegen nadat we de situatie hebben opgenomen. Bezemen jullie de landingsbaan even aan voordat wij komen? Graag niets aan het toeval overlaten. See you on Saterday!! En o ja, geen gedoe met bloemenslingers en zo. Gewoon een nuchter stel dat ons verwelkomt is ruim voldoende. Een frisse cocktail misschien. Zie maar.

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