Education by stunning

The oldies came, the oldies left. I’m sure they had a great time, at least we did! They promised us they would make each a guest blog for this blog. Let’s hope it will get there. They took a lot of pictures, together more then 1200! The links to the albums you can find below!

Since they will write about their time here, and us being with them most of the time, it is not necessary for me to write about it!

Before they left, we planned a lot of activities after the take-off of the ‘oldies’. This way our post-parent depression would be contained in a good way! The events we did vaporized in the sight of our main goal on sunday. Charity for the Social Welfare Centre of Cite la Chaux.

The idea of the centre was so good, that so many kids applied that they needed extra help. So Bas and Thijs came to help. Our help was limited since our creole skill doesn’t yet comprise kids creole.

The plan was to load kids in a glass bottom boat to show how beautiful their own country/sea is. In the past there was a lot of destruction of the beautiful coral in Blue Bay marine park by fishing (with dynamite) and by tourism. Now this has been solved by creating the marine park, but it is best to educate the future about it too. Education by stunning it’s called. Because stunning it is.

Entire cities made out of coral skyscrapers are underneath the water, habit-et by colorful fish, sea urchins and turtles. It is really like the movie ‘Finding Nemo’, unbelievable. For what we understand the kids loved it and it made the impression on them which was needed to secure this amazing beautiful world.

The idea about this trip is like the title of this blog. Education by stunning the kids. The kids were stunned by the beauty of the underwater world but they were also stunned by the effect of the destruction you could see from the past. That was also really present, the destroyed parts were like the movie I Legend. Destroyed Skyscrapers, not capable of hosting any life.

The sunday ended in relaxing on the beach with a few beers. Mauritian life :)

Pictures will be uploaded soon of this day.

Here you can find the two photo albums of our parents:

Maas’ Album
Koreman’s Album


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