Family Koreman to the tropics

What could I add more to the essay of Bob. I completely agree with his talented version telling you about this wonderful island and our holidays over there.

Coming home I’m rather sceptical being excited about Mauritius. As said, Mauritius is not very touristic and still for an important part in it own heritage. Telling people at home about this special place would make this bounty island less exclusive. So we keep it as our treasure.

Obviously it was great to see our Matthijs in his own and new environment at the other side of the world, together with Bas. A strong friendship for life will be the result spending almost 6 months on Mauritius together.

First week we had a pleasant rendez vous with an important part of the Maas family. They arrived a week earlier, therefore had an overlap with Hanneke & me for their second week. We have spent some great time together, mainly focussed on some delicious dinners, lots of fish, lobster, Scampi’s (“crevettes”) and crab, splashed with great rum, cocktails and our new favourite Phoenix beer.

Great to see Bas & Matthijs enjoying their life and work there. “A special way of easy going. “
It did not take a lot of time and energy to copy this from them within 24 hours we were in the modus of the local lifestyle (10 minutes sir). Resetting this coming home in the Netherlands was harder I can tell you.

Impressive are the people at Mauritius. Different cultures, religion, colour and background do live together in harmony. Something which is rare in our world, we can learn a lot from them.

Well I can use a thousand words to give you impressions about our holidays. But I’m sorry as said before I won’t do it. I want to keep it exclusive. I want to come back next year!!

I invite you to have a quick look at our pictures and dream away like we did in a new imagination.

Like Einstein said:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”



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