How to say goodbye.

Yes, I am sorry, the topic is really sad. Extra motivation to find a bridge. We are leaving in 4 days. But first things first. Lets make this blog an effort to make the world a better place. Here are some issues listed which are solved.

Number 1. Why does the bathroom smell so bad when Bas went in? And how to solve it?
What Bas does in the bathroom is his own business, so the answer for the first question is hidden in the deep caves of blue bay.
However the solution is quite simple. The tool we acquired to fight the smell is bought at any convenient store is called Incense Sticks. To keep the means stealthy, try to stick them into the soap next to the sink, and put the bin underneath it.

Issue 1 solved!

Number 2. Why are the annoying fruit flies only attracted to the clean dishes? And how to solve it

Yes, a plague has risen. Fruit flies. When the kitchen is dirty as hell (or as my room), no fruit fly to see. Probably hiding from the disgusting smell. BUT! As soon as you even think of doing the dishes, whop there they are. Perhaps attracted to the appealing apple washing liquid smell? Je ne sais pas. However, there they are. Flying happy circles above the clean dishes, and above the clean floor. Probably smiling from ear to ear and singing a happy song.

One solution possible: Mass murder, kill them all, genocide. Too bad our previous mass-murderer already left the country, because we could use some help.

Issue 2 solved!

Number 3. How do the wild cats come into our house? And how to solve it?
At night you hear all kinds of noises inside the house. Burglars, Criminals, Housemates and Wild cats! They make the most noise. Searching for food in the house, or dancing with the previously described fruit flies. As soon as you wake you, get your flash light and go down to see what the noise is, they are gone. And here starts the issue. Where do they go? If you see them, they flee into a room with closed windows or really high windows. No chance for escape! Zero nil nada. But yet it is impossible to locate them again. So going out is difficult, how about going in then?

We’ve tried now for 6 months. No solution possible other than that to hide all the food.

Issue 3. Not solved :(

Number 4. How come our laundry machine keeps breaking down. And how to solve it?
Since our parents arrived in Mauritius, the machine keeps breaking down. It looks like it thinks, ha the parents are here, I’m having a break. This was okay for the time that our parents were here in Mauritius. It still doesn’t work.

It won’t be fixed, because it will break down again. The reason why it’s broken down is unknown, the houselord says it is because it is Chinese.

So fixing it isn’t the solution, and still we are there with dirty laundry. Here is the solution.

Get some WARM water, and put it into a bucket. Add soap to it, and move outside in the sun. Get Bas too.
Put Bas next to the COLD water tap to clear the laundry from the soap and then let him hang it to dry. The action in the WARM water bucket is simple. Clothes in to soak, rub to them and squeeze them.

Last issue. Solved!
— Some issues might not reflect the reality —

Now lets continue with the blog
Arriving home is wonderful, all your beloved ones waiting at the airport, eager to hug you and to kiss you. Have a face to face conversation again and to see the glitter in their eyes. Yes, coming home is absolutely wonderful. But to saying goodbye to all the friends who made this experience a big success is difficult. So we had to think of a way to make it an unforgettable goodbye, without tears and only smiles.

And hell we found a way!

Well in advanced planned: A goodbye party, with food, alcohol and the main ingredient: Music! We invited all our good friends to join us in this event. And 80% of the invited showed up. Everyone smiled, drunk a bit and danced a lot. We enjoyed it so so much. Even saying goodbye is easy and fun now. Lets say goodbye again!

Saturday we are leaving, packing already started. Thursday our last visit to the airport will be a fact. We got cake and a smile. We are proud to be friends with them.

A really small tear dropped down on my Mac, this blog is written with love, fun and tears.

See you soon.

Matthijs and Bas

P.S. First we wanted to write a thank you personally for all our friends here on the island. The reason why we didn’t do that is that this post would be endless. By this way we would like to state our deepest deepest deepest thanks to all our friends and people here who were so sweet, nice and thoughtful for us. Giving us your trust and enthusiasm like this is irreplaceable and will never ever be forgotten.

Anael, Samy Joe, Mary Joyce, Michaella, Ashreena, Joana, Kurstyna, Cyntina, Youvana, Ken, Rishi, Nitin, Nekitsing, Lovina, Joëlle, Kevina, Charlene, Monohur, Jennifer, Vinod, Brinda, Thierry, Sylvia, Wendy, Babynah, Sophie, Pawan, Astride, Daniel, Valery, Karen, Jeff (and Aaron), Pascaline, Wilkims, Kelly, Gwenael, Manu, Jessica.

We love you

This is the last post from Mauritius.

Mauritius OUT


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