3…2…1… Relaunch of this blog!

Goodday our dear friends, followers, interested people, mice on mauritius and rest of the world.

After our return from Mauritius we stopped writing the blog, but the mails and questions did not stop coming. Hopefully we answered each one of them, if not our apology.

Let me tell you where we are at now (hang in tough, boring boring boring):

In the Netherlands we both graduated on the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, Bas in Aviation Management, me in Aviation Engineering. After graduation Bas decided he wanted to be a pilot (nice uniform, white shirt and a nice flat hat (of course other reasons, but his parents are reading this)).

I started to work at  Woodward Netherlands, an American company which produces Energy Controls systems as a Field Service Engineer. If you want to learn more, here is their website.

Short way around the obvious we both start to travel a lot, and since the translation to english op this blog title is, bas and thijs are travelling, it seems appropriate to us that we relaunch this blog and actively write about the things we see and experience.

Fun fun fun.

Anyway, we’ll come back! And we are back!

Happy new year!


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