Professor Academic in Waiting

Since last Friday, I have worked exactly 6 hours. And what I worked on, wasn’t even my real job.  I have assisted the MTU engineer in borescoping the LM5000 they have here on the Britannia Platform. You go with a tiny camera inside the turbine to check on the blades, vanes and combustor. Some of the images we retrieved you can see down below.

It was freezing cold outside, wind 60 kts and waves of 20 meter it was a battle of the giants! But we managed.

The other 6 days of the week I have waited, waited, waited, waited and not to forget: Waited. That sounds like heaven, being paid for nothing. But it gets very annoying. On the positive side: I have time to write this blog, to watch 3 seasons of boardwalk empire, to watch the following movies: Run fatboy, Run (Simon Pegg), Paul (Simon Pegg), The Wolf of Wallstreet (Leonardo) and Zorro (blehh). Also first season of Spartacus is on again, and I have finished a book of Timothy Ferris (The 4 Hour Work Week).

For those who are interested here is my daily schedule:

6.15 AM: Wake up

6.30 AM: Shower

6.45 AM: Breakfast

07.00 AM: Team meeting

7.15 – 11.30 AM: Idle

11.30 AM: Lunch

11.45 AM – 13.30 PM: Rest (resting from resting haha)

13.30 – 17.30: Idle

17.30: Dinner

Till 6.15 the next day Idle again.

The planning now is to get the turbine running by tomorrow, and the helicopter back to the beach on Monday morning, let’s keep the fingers crossed!

Enjoy your valentine!

\MK Out

IV7I0027 IV7I0033 IV7I0034 IV7I0044 IV7I0042


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