Back in office

Monday the helicopter was finally waiting for me. It took me home to Amsterdam, traveling by helicopter is weird, I have done it multiple times, but yet they succeed in making me a bit nervous. The constant reminder they give you before getting into the helicopter makes you aware of the risks. Bumped and rattled I made it safe to shore where a perfect Guinness was waiting for me.

The weekend was waiting again, except for one intermezzo which was an apparent turbine stall, this means that there is nog enough air going inside the compressor. This will cause a rapid decrease in pressure and eventually a vacuum. Since this could cause serious harm to the machine, we decided to take a closer look using the borescope. Since the shutdown logic kicked in quick enough, no damage was found.

Being back in the office shows some interruption to the waiting, and also challenges to complete given by the 4 hour work week. Not checking the news is still going strong, I calculated it saves more or less 2 to 3 hours a day. The problem lays in the filling up that time useful: Started to learn French, although the app I am using needs WiFi, spending time on and ehh, thats about it. So save time to be idle I guess.

The email reading twice per day (business) and once per day for private email is a success, though very very hard. Being at the office gives you the rhythm of checking it over and over again, but one week of fighting against it, colleagues already just walk to you to ask something instead of mailing.

My schedule for coming week is a little bit unsure, I am scheduled to travel to lovely Turkmenistan to commission 5 steam turbine compressor trains, but since they are issues with domestic flight safety and VISA, this could be delayed until further notice. Turkmenistan is a rather anonymous country about which little can be found. About the job there is little know too, the turbines and compressors are build by Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Compressor Company and are located near Mary, Turkmenistan. A very remote area in the neighborhood of Iran and Afghanistan.

Till next week!


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