I am sorry, really I am! I am sorry for not posting a blog for a longer time. After so many of our true followers and all commenters were complaining that there was no real post since long time, I am taking right now the effort to create one.

Ok, now lets be honest. No one, not a singular living human being requested a new post. No living form on earth thought that it would be fun for a new one. How come? Let me think about it. One reason might be jealousy, given the fact that this blog is written from a tropical island somewhere in the Indian Ocean, it might create some feelings of

“ahh they are only doing gratis scenti there and doing nothing but laying on the beautiful white sand beach with really clear blue sea water”

This, for the fact is absolutely true. We do sit a lot on the beach, we do drink a lot seven seas, we do swim in really clear blue water and we do have 1 day a week off. Which is good!

Then perhaps the next reason. No one cares?

Not true.

No one is interested?

Not true.

So what is it then? I absolutely do not know. But hell (or heaven), lets start!

We had some few good weeks, with more discovering of the islands and the nearby islands. We went to Ile aux Cerfs, it is an island in front of the east coast of Mauritius. The west side of the coast is used as a golf course, and the east side is used for relaxed mauritian style barbecuing. We had several visitors which were eager to join, Percy the Sea Urchin, Moony the sea star and Wilhelm the golf player. Only Percy and Moony were allowed.

After the Island, working started again. Now for both everything is sorted out, and we both are now at the stage of drawing up final documents. If you are interested in what we do, you can contact us via our own pages on top of this post. Bas Maas for Bas and Matthijs Koreman for Me (Matthijs).

Last saturday, we went out. Going out without alcohol is wonderful, several advantages are attached to it! You are sober, so not drunk, no hangover, you know exactly what you are doing and you can remember! Remembering what you did is good, is wonderful and a recommendation! So here is what we did, we danced. We danced, danced, danced danced and danced. A lot!

Now our house is in preparation for our parents, we are trying to make it more dirty, more disgusting and we are also trying to wear our underwear’s for more then 4 days in a row, don’t do laundry and don’t brush our teeth. We figured that since our mums didn’t had to take care for us for 3 months, they might be in need for giving some care. So we are not the baddest, and we created some work for them. Bas his parents are arriving coming Saturday the 15th and mine are arriving May 22nd. We are looking forward to it, looking forward to show them what we are doing, how we live here, what we see and eat, with what kind of wonderful people we are going out with and we want to show them this wonderful country and island. Lot of things to do.

Now our adventure for cooking starts again, we are in desperate need for some inspiration, our last call for inspiration gave us (let me count well) 0 comments.

We also got the request of Bas is father to explain about the famous Mauritian rum. It is unexplainable, I suggest you come here around Saturday 15 May :)

alé by!


Zoli Zoli by Laval Disco

Sing along! Here are the lyrics:

Zoli zoli ou mon très zoli mon cœur,
sans ou mo le ciel n’a pas soleil,
sans ou ma la vie n’a pas du miel,
mais si mo gaigne ou pou zis mo tousel,
mo dire ou mo zoli bouldou,
ou vas fonne dans mo lebras (X2)

Dépi ki mo finne trouve sa bouldou,
mo veille li passer,
mo trembler, dans coin fatak,
pou mo apprécier sa la masse,
sa zolie cadanse,
sa façon ki li bouge so la hanche,
mo gaigne picotement,
entier mo lécorps frissonner

Mo finne prends lélan,
pou mo adresse li la parole,
sa sourire ki li finne fer mwa,
so lédents blanche kasse mo lizié

Sa lavoix li doux,
li résonne comme si mélodie,
so regard comme si éne l’aimant,
pou attire mwa, pou mo couler

Zoli zoli ou mon très zoli mon cœur,
sans ou mo le ciel n’a pas soleil,
sans ou ma la vie n’a pas du miel,
mais si mo gaigne ou pou zis mo tousel,
mo dire ou mo zoli bouldou,
ou vas fonne dans mo lebras (X2)

Zamais mo ti as expect, kiné ene zour,
éne femme pou emballe mwa dans éne sentiment l’amour si profonde,
ouais zoli bouldou, sa coin kotte mo mette ou,
na pas ou sorte dans mo lebras,
A nou allé, a nou alle partage lamour

Zoli zoli ou mon très zoli mon cœur,
sans ou mo le ciel n’a pas soleil,
sans ou ma la vie n’a pas du miel,
mais si mo gaigne ou pou zis mo tousel,
mo dire ou mo zolie bouldou,
ou vas fonne dans mo lebras (X2)

Premier rendez vous, mo ti mette ar sa bouldou,
dans la main bouteille calou, dans sac ti gajack licou,
desert li ti amène pou mwa,
papaye tourner, gato moutaille,
sa moment mone fine traverser,
zoli souvenir reste graver

Zoli zoli ou mon très zoli mon cœur,
sans ou mo le ciel n’a pas soleil,
sans ou ma la vie n’a pas du miel,
mais si mo gaigne ou pou zis mo tousel,
mo dire ou mo zolie bouldou,
ou vas fonne dans mo lebras (X3)

with thanks to Anael!!

Welcome back!

The writer has returned, not wrapped in toilet paper like the mummy who returned, but with a little less tan. Turkey was great, that great that I am not going to tell about it. After all, it is a blog about Mauritius. And believe me, Turkey is no where NEAR Mauritius. (12000 km, both ways costed me 20 hours)

I have given up all hopes that Bas will ever write again for this Blog. Guess he is too occupied in the Briyani Saloon. It is his own created heaven in Plain Magnien. (I suggest you all think right now: Doesn’t he have to work?)
Briyani is a dish which wasn’t described in the food-blog. It has good spices with either chicken, beef or lamb + rice.

Bas his assignment is going like a train/plane/boat/goat/car, which is good.

It is getting serious, this blog. Time for some rubbish and good news.

Numero uno.

Bas and me are alone now. No more additional parts to the household. All removed with insecticide (borrowed from the mass murderer)

Queensday! April 30, will be the first time in our lives, that we work at April 30. Wonder how it will be

uwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I do not know what to write. What to what to what to write.

I think I can tell about the plans ahead for us. Friday is queensday, which basically means getting drunk and drive into people. Saturday we are going to rent a car, and drive around the island again with friends.

Ha, if you read it like this, it sounds like the wrong sequence, should be rent a car and drive into people. Instead of drive into people and rent a car. I am sure they are not going to let you rent a car once you have driven into people. ehh ok, lets continue.

Sunday we are getting into a boat for a tour on the east of the Island. We will end up at Ile aux Cerfe for a barbecue. On the barbecue I hope, lamb, chicken, pork, beef and corn will join us. With some good sauces I can imagine it will be great! Ahrrr writing about food makes me hungry. We both are too lazy now to make some food, and we are also both out of inspiration. So lets make a contest (came up right this moment), put your best recipe in a comment, and you can win a free stay for a week in our bungalow. Transport towards the address is for your own expense. For the room to win, there are two options. We have a single bedroom upstairs with beautiful landscape of the mountains. Or we have a two persons bedroom on the ground-floor with beautiful sight of our neighbors.

Bring in the comments! If it is any good, we will try to make it and make a picture of it.

I think this is it for this time. Not much to tell you about. Bring on the comments please!!

ha, two jokes:

1. Vliegt een duif over een koe, zegt de duif: Roekoe. Zegt de koe: Roeduif.
2. Zit een man op de bus te wachten, zegt de chauffeur: Kom van die bus af.

Untranslatable. I hope we have some dutch readers.

Till our next blog!

Adieu mes amis

Good evening,

This blog is to say goodbye to the friends that follow us (actually me, since Bas still refuses to write). And also to say goodbye to our dearly beloved Harry and Clive.

Tonight, in a few hours, I’ll leave this beautiful island for 2 weeks to go to Turkey. Some holiday…

I hope for you, and for the sake of this blog aswel, that Bas is ready to create some new blogs in the mean time. He should have enough time…

Then from here on the sad message starts :(

Our safety guards from the kitchen, the right honorable sir Harry and sir Clive, have died. The exact cause is unknown, but several reports indicate they were K.I.A. During heavy fights and enemy contact, they were killed due to chemical warfare. They were not the only victims of this supposed genocide. The entire ant-high way and other allies of Sir Harry and Sir Clive were washed away by this brutal act against instectumanity.

Because of the state in which Sir Clive and Sir Harry were in when we found them, no pictures of them are attached.

With careful research and reconstruction of the then known circumstances we hope to identify the responsible(s). Once identified they will find a proper punishment.

Chief of this investigation on side will be Bas Maas, and supervisor from big distance will be me, Matthijs Koreman. Any inquiries concerning this investigation, please contact mr. Maas.

Now my taxi is leaving in less then an hour, so i am rounding up this blog. See you in the future!

May they rest in peace.

Happy Easter!

Dear all,

Despite our lack of presence we would like to wish you all a ‘Joyeux Paques’ i.o.w. Happy Easter.

Lets hope that:

That we find the eggs, not the bodies Kids find body with easter egg hunt

That our friends in Mexico are fine. Earthquake Mexico

That the pope learns more languages. Urbi et orbi in 62 languages

That we can buy the iPad soon here. 300.000 pieces sold on Launch Day

That the queen starts to smile!

You get the picture, Happy Easter!!!

Times with nothing going on

Never imagined this could happen, being on an tropical island, and nothing really interesting happened to us. Or wait… if we think about it, a lot happened. Bas got a new job, he has be named officially to office clerk. You might think he now has enough time to create a blog (court martial is due to next week) but that is idle hope. Expect for the coming period (till July 31) only blogs from me.

What he is doing we do not exactly, but it appears to be interesting.

Ok, enough about work, although that is 90% of the time what we are doing here.

Lets talk about food, it is also a part of our live here. The food is as diverse as the people here, and also from the same quality: divine.

We eat around 5 times a day: breakfast (around 5 o’clock), pre lunch (around 10/11 o’clock), lunch (1 o’clock), pre dinner (around 3 o’clock) and dinner (around 9 o’clock). Sometimes, if you start really early there is an after breakfast-pre lunch (around 8 o ‘clock)

Breakfast starts simple, yoghurt with bread or something in that order, this because it is early (okay, it is only early for me, the office clerk works also office hours, and has the entire weekend off).

If present, the after breakfast pre lunch food is retrieved at the Tropical times, this is a cafeteria which has pretty western food against western prices. This can also be replaced from the birthplace of good food, the parking lot. Instead of a croissant or another french breakfast item, you can also eat gateau pigment (you write it like this), samoosa or fried potato in sweet batter. Gateau pigment are small balls made out of something which you can squeeze in a bread or eat on its own. Samoosa is a triangular shaped fried delicates which can excist out of chicken, fish, beef, pork or vegetarian stuff.

The pre-lunch we also get at the parking lot, you can order a bread with everything you want on it, all kinds of local, you have chap choi (beans with mushroom NO CHILI), actually too much to name, there are so many different tastes that I have to be careful now that I won’t drool on my mac. The pre-lunch can be supported by roti, a pancake like meal with curry, red sause and chili.

Lunch. A small piece of rest in a busy day, now we can take the time to eat and relax. Basically the lunch is the same as pre-lunch, only more and with drinks.

Pre-dinner, if on work, pre-dinner usually exists out of a chicken burger or a panini fromage bought at tropical times. If we are home, mr. bbq also will do.

Dinner, this depends on who is cooking, we have a dutch-food addicted in our house, so we have chance on ripped stomaches and burned throats since we are not used to the food anymore. (stew with 35 degrees is not a success). If one of us is cooking, it can be varied, hotdogs, instant noodles, pasta or some more kitchen art. Sometimes if we are up to it, we create a wonderful own variant curry.

Enough about food, back to work. On sunday 21 March, Bas his love arrived (photos attached). With a beautiful body and all curves in the right place, she arrived. Wow, Gracious, Elegant, Impressive, Beautiful are the words that pop into my mind, I was so jealous that I had to work, and that I did not had the time to meet her good, Bas even got the opportunity to go inside her (and took pictures) . He also touched and pushed her buttons. Lucky guy.

We also had a small party to tell about, it was the birthday of our birthday girl Joana. She decided to take us with some friend to flic en flac. Go party, its her birthday was the slogan. Party we did, completely under the sea (in creole: en bas la mer, which means you are completely drunk) we returned home.

This was it, took almost an hour to write. Next week I’l be off for 2 weeks, i am going to my love in Turkey. With a bit of luck, Bas finds some inspiration to write a blog for you.

Wow, long story, apparently we did have a lot of things to tell.

Alors, salut!

P.s. mocht je binnen zitten vanwege regen, kou of andere nadelige kenmerken van het West-Europese klimaat, lees dan eens een blog die wél interessant is: Blog van Bas’ Vader

Look a waterpark! O no, its a cement factory..

Road trip!

Last friday (it has been a while, Bas is currently being charged with dereliction of duty) we rented for the first time a car on Mauritius. We got a mazda pick-up truck, which works whenever it wants. It has it charm, doors open from the inside (difficult), horn is a wire which you need to put against metal (not a big deal, unless in dangerous situation), 1 light working from a total of 4 (problem in dark) and no radio (bas singing, horrible). But the car has soul, it took us all the way down the south-coast. Where we saw amazing rocks, sugar cane fields, empty fire stations, temples, sea, sand, ice creams, sun and kite surfers! The trip was too impressive to catch in a blog but we were and are stunned with the beauty of this island. Bas thought he saw the waterpark in the south, but what he actually saw was a local cement factory. (Was it still the alcohol from the day before?)

The day before we went clubbing in flic en flac (shotz, shoutz, shots shoats wherever), came home at 7 o’clock in the morning, so before we could start to drive, we had to wait till the blood level in our alcohol ehr, alcohol level in our blood has lowered. Then our epic journey begun I just described.

Our week was different from eachother, you had me, hard working die-hard, and you had bas. Who did not do that much, not that we cared, he was just lucky. Revenge already begun since he starts early tomorrow.

Oh no, writers block jumps in. What to do? What to tell, how to tell? Ha! Remember, our housemate left, sick of homesickness. We dropped her off yesterday at the airport (not a big deal since we all work there). Now we have the house for the three of us. 2 boys, 1 girl. We are putting the empty room up for rent. You either have to cook really good or pay around 20 euros a night, then you can join in! (Flight attendants have priority for Bas).

Today (the day I am writing this) we hired the same car again, a week older, so more soul. Also same mishaps! This time the east-coast was our victim, not as beautiful as the south-coast but still very impressive. We found heaven there, a small restaurant/hotel, directly by the sea. I got their website.

Le Barachois

Now we are home relaxing, getting ready for tomorrow. I hope it won’t rain (it’s the season).

We love you, and we also love your comments. Keep’em coming!

The next blog will be written by bas, and as the expectation now is, he will provide an online course of creole!

P.s. for all you fans: Harry and Betsy are doing fine.

Harry and Betsy

Hello beloved readers,

What a hits we had this week! After the blog was posted we had more then 300 on a day! Not our record though, that is more then 400. Starting like this we aren’t fixated on the numbers at all. We are just interested, pleased and honoured that we have so many followers and people that are interested in us (or just want to see the pictures of the tropical island). So, lets hope we keep interesting you…

Ok lets start. I wanted to write this story in the perspective of our pets, one cockroach and a mouse. The cockroach his name is Harry and his task is the security of the kitchen at night, and the mouse her name is Betsy and her task is to supervise the cooking, the cleaning and other general duties. So we have a top team, the reason why they don’t write this blog is for one they only speak French, and they have no idea what we do during the day. So that is why I have the heavy burden to write it again.

Since the last post, a lot of happened, we received our new roommates, so we lost our own palace in the paradise for our own. Sharing is hard if you are used to keeping it for your own. I’m sure this will get better with time since they will stay here for the same length as we are.

We are starting to get our colleagues better and better, last thursday we had our first beach party (it involves eating, drinking and sand), the day after we had the wonderful idea of getting up early on our off-day to go to the capital of this wonderful island, Port Louis. The dutch consulate created this idea for us, since they required us to register with them so they know we are here. We had wonderful guidance of two of our colleagues Mary-Joyce and Joana, they knew the place inside out. For European standards the capital is a village, but it is a cosy, noisy and busy village. After completely exhausting us with shopping (g.i.r.l.s) we went home to rest for the next day. The early morning shifts combined with capitals and alcohol are starting to break up, but we are keeping ourselves to the dutch saying, in the evening a tough man, in the morning a tough man.

Yesterday we had the great honor to be invited to a Hindu wedding in the north of the island. The invitation came from our friend Kurstyna who also works Equity. The experience is indescribable and too big to catch in a post. The people were great, the food was great and the tradition is great. We, as boring Europeans, have a lot to learn from it…

Coming week will be a busy week, again 55 hours of shifts. This is because the French (which is only 40 minutes flying) have holiday. In their holiday, they like to travel to this tropical island. Who doesn’t, but rain is coming! A lot of rain, this means it will cool down, but it has a really big advantage: Now every time we go for swimming, we realize better and better that the sea is actually warmer than the outside temperature.

Now the topchef (me) will start to cook. Pictures bas will upload later since he is the cameraman. I am guessing he will upload pictures of the party.

We are looking forward to your comments!


p.s. I would like to abuse this opportunity (being the writer) to say that I love my girlfriend Gül. If everything goes as planned she will arrive mid-april to enjoy the life of a tropical island.

Message from the Pearl of the Ocean

Dear everyone,

Ki manière??

Today is our first day off since last Monday, so time for a new story. Thijs and I have been working very hard the last week, as we’ve told you. We are working in shifts now and on Tuesday I was in the shift starting at four in the morning. This meant getting up at 2.30 after only a couple of hours of sleep. Luckily I was awake in an instant because of a very cold shower. The temperature at this time was also much better suitable for going to work.

On Thursday we passed the small exam for our airside safety training, we are now officially permitted to walk around between the aircraft on the apron. From next week onwards we will start dispatching flights on our own, we are already on the roster for some Air Austral ATR-72 flights.

This week we also discovered the small shop with local food on the parking lot of the airport, which is not only very cheap, but also sells the best food ever. Although they sell different things every day, we are very fond of the chicken sandwich (with hot peppers) and the roti (pancakes with vegetables and hot sauce). So we eat a lot of them and sometimes we go to the parking lot two times a day.

After we cleaned up the house on Thursday, our first roommate Mandy arrived on Friday morning with the Air Mauritius morning flight. Because our office is in the baggage reclaim hall, Thijs was waiting for her there and I welcomed her at home, my shift started at 1 p.m. We had a nice dinner at the Blue Bamboo restaurant and Mandy is already settled in her own room and we get along very well.

Of course we will go swimming again this afternoon, the weather is great the last days! Most shops and places to see are not open on Sunday, so the plan for next Friday is to go to Port Louis, hopefully with some colleagues to show us around. Hope you are all doing fine too, it’s good to hear from you in the comments.

Until next time!!


beer sex bags skirts shopping dogs safari shoes planes

Dear readers,

How are you? Before I start typing my blog (idiot thing to say, since i already started) I wanted to present you my dilemma for writing this blog. I could either discuss and elaborate about our working experience here, or I could talk about our opinion about the country. Both things are dangerous to talk about, talking about work, might bore you because all of the technical terms etc and our opinion about the country might be too early, and we have to change it big time. That is not what we want do we? So while typing this, I came up with a compromise (typical dutch i guess). I’ll tell about our first impression, and a bit about the company and our job. I’ll start with the company.

The company we work for is called Equity Aviation, 4 years ago it was called servisair, and it was taken over by the big south african company equity, which is specialized in handling aircraft in Africa. The company is really young with the eldest being around 42 and the rest more or less the age of us. The job we do right now is called dispatcher. For the moment we will do this full time in shifts (yes people, we actually work and for 48 hours a week!) and in a month or so we will also start with our assignment at the maintenance. But about dispatcher, dispatcher is responsible for all operations around an aircraft, luggage, passengers, cargo, landing, parking. He or she is the all seeing eye of the operation. Communicating with the crew of the airplane, with the authorities etc. With this job we really learn a lot and we tend to do it for a long time (6 months)! The current idea for the maintenance assignment is that we launch the maintenance division parallel to the actual launch, so Equity can see if they forgot anything, or we might have a better idea. If this concept really is gonna happen we have to wait, today we were supposed to have a meeting, but it was cancelled.

Now about our first impression: Happy. All the people we see and work with, are happy. We almost never see or hear a whining person or an unhappy person. It looks like they come for work to be happy and to have a lot of fun. Also on the streets the people are smiling to you. And the country is beautiful. You can drives for miles and miles thru the sugar cane fields and just see green green and green. it is wonderful!

Last few days there were some worries about a tropical storm (cyclone) coming this way, but eventually it passed us for more or less 70 km south, so we only got the rain of it. Rain is rain, a lot of it! Rain also means: wobbly electricity, no water pressure, a lot of mosquitos (luckily i have a mosquito net, but right at this moment i am eaten alive by the animals, see what i am sacrificing for you guys) and huge humidity. But we love it. If the sun shines, temperatures can rise quite soon to around 32 degrees, which is hot but we are used to it by now.

Well, for now this is all i could think of to write. The pictures will be uploaded tomorrow (Tuesday 23rd of Feb) because we have a bit faster internet at the airport.

Please leave your comments, we love to see and read your comments. We might have not the time to reply everytime, but sure as hell we read them.

And about the title ;) It is just a title with interest for everyone.

Alé bye bye